DIY Christmas Cards

DIY Cards

I don’t know about you, but I love making my own Christmas cards. Yes, it is a bit time consuming, but kids love it and you can just do them for those really special people in your life if you just wanted to do a few. I’ve found some really lovely ideas online and I thought I’d share them with you!

DIY Christmas Card Ideas

Here are my top 10 DIY Christmas card ideas.


1. Snowman Button Card

Card 1

Via Pinterest

I’m sorry, I’m a Pinterest addict. I love it, but sometimes the link only go to pictures, like this one. I think that this is a pretty self explanatory design though and it looks super cute. I think that it would be better on a smaller card though with a few more snowflakes and sparkle (I’m a sucker for glitter!)

2. Snowman Button Tag 

Card 2

Via Pinterest

Matching Tags!! If you love coordination like I do, this is perfect – Look at that sparkly top hat!

3. Potato Penguins 

Card 3

Via Molly Moo

3 simple steps to achieve penguin perfection: These sweet penguins are so easy to make and a great craft for kids.

4. Potato Snowmen

You can also make these designs below in the same way 🙂

Card 6

Instructions Here

5. Finger Print Designs 

Card 4

Via Pinterest

6. Light up Christmas

Card 7

Via Crafty Morning

7. Reindeer Family

Card 5

Via Babble

 All of these fingerprint designs look so effective and from robins to reindeers to lights to snowmen to Santa, you can create all manner of designs (and hopefully not get too messy in the process!). The little finishing touches are what really make these cards so don’t forget the red reindeer nose or a little sparkle here and there

8. Festive Door

Card 8

Via Pinterest

A really original idea that I love. The little ‘Merry Christmas’ in the wreath, the shiny door knob and the letter poking out of the letter box – all the details are perfect

9. Here is a letter, my love 

Card 9

Via Sweet Tidings 

I’m in stitches over how cute and sweet these designs are. They have truly stolen my heart. D’you geddit… I’m so funny. But seriously these designs are so effective, but most of all really easy to do

10. Another Stitched Design 

Card 10

Via A Spoonful of Sugar Designs

You could be the star this Christmas… ok, puns are quite difficult, but making cards is really rewarding and they are so much nicer to receive than cards from a couple of years ago. Also, is there really any point in sending out a card if you just sign it with your name?! This is my number one bug bear! Anyway, will you be making Christmas cards this year or is it just too time consuming? Do you have any Christmas card hates? I’d love to know

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon with more Christmas related ideas 🙂


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