Christmas Party!

Christmas Party

I am so excited for our Christmas party this year. I have never been to one and I just know that it’s going to be great. It would be rude not to plug where it is and so I thought I’d just do a quick paragraph and then move on to some Christmas party ideas. Food, decorations and entertainment. Add in some music and friends and you’ve got a pretty good party if you ask me. But first, our Venue

Trinity Park Events and Conference Centre

Visit the Website Here


At a cost of £56.95 you get quite a lot for your money. Arrival drinks, a 3 course meal (more on that later), entertainment, party games, dancing and dodgem cars!

It sounds really good. I am rubbish at dancing so not much of that will be going on, but as for dodgems and a good meal, I’m happy.

Trinity Park

The meal has loads of choice for everyone (even the most fussy of eaters like me) and sounds delicious. To start there is a classic prawn cocktail or a more unusual feta and roasted pepper mousse for example. There is also traditional roast turkey and 5 puddings to choose from! For a bit of inspiration for your own Christmas meal or to see the full menu click here.

The best thing about Trinity Park is that the events centre has been custom built to cater for everything. Weddings, parties and conferences to name a few. Because of this the décor and layout is really up to them and just by looking at a few pictures I know that it’ll be glamourous and just perfect – I’m so excited! What am I going to wear!?

Black and White

If you live around the Suffolk area, I really would recommend this venue, not just for Christmas Parties, but if you’re stuck for a way to thank your employees maybe take a look here. The dates are filling up quick!

  • Saturday 29th November – LIMITED AVAILABILITY – £50.00 PER HEAD
  • Saturday 6th December – SOLD OUT
  • Thursday 11th December – LIMITED AVAILABILITY
  • Saturday 13th December – 1 x table of 10 available
  • Wednesday 17th December – SOLD OUT
  • Friday 19th December – 1 x table of 10 available
  • Saturday 20th December – SOLD OUT

Ok, now onto the fun stuff!

Christmas Treats

Making desserts and baking for Christmas is one of my absolute favourite traditions. Usually opting for a trifle or a Yule log, this year I think I’m going to try something a little different.

Spiral Sugar Cookies

How amazing do these cookies look? Kids will go crazy for them (and probably a bit hyper with all the sugar – but hey it’s Christmas!) I’m going to give these a go and hope that they turn out as good as that picture! I have nightmares thinking about all the sprinkles going pale and melting all over the place – there’s only one way to find out!

Bailey’s White Chocolate Cheesecake 

I mean c’mon. Baileys, White chocolate, cream cheese. Can this dessert go wrong?

Malt Chocolate Cheesecake  

Sticking with the cheesecake theme, this is also a delicious crowd pleaser that looks fancy too. Plus, it contains horlicks – that delicious malty drink we all used to have as a kid (maybe even now!)

Christmas Mess

A take on the classic Eton Mess, this Christmas version uses cute little green Christmas tree meringues and festive spices. A brilliant last minute dessert that isn’t too heavy either!

Christmas Bombe

My final choice of dessert is a real show stopper. This spectacular dessert uses a ready made Swiss roll and can be made up to a month in advance.


There are loads of simple Christmas decoration ideas out there. I love the idea of a room full of hanging stars in red and green and gold. I think it would look amazing! Here’s a list of where to find the pictures above.

Christmas Treats Garland 

This is so cute! Covered in colourful pompoms, cookies and candy canes it’s so festive and bright. I love it!


1 – Salt Dough Stars

A great tutorial on how to make these quick and easy decorations. Great for kids too they can be made into any shape and would make great personalised gifts as well

2 – Handmade Red Star 

This looks so effective, but on the webpage looks super easy to do. Definately one to try (as long as you don’t mind getting your fingers messy)

3 – Hanging Paper Stars

I love these and there are so many variations too. Make stars of different colours and sizes, make an enormous star, use newspaper or magazines and add other festive touches like twigs and berries to make it really christmassy.

4 – Origami Stars

Instructions on how to make some lovely origami stars. Would look great in Christmas wrapping paper too.

Ballerina Snowflakes 

These are so adorable and really easy to do. The link has a template to copy too – These would be so great for a little girl who loves dancing

Confetti Wall

Big bright and easy decoration. Would look great in blues, silver and white too or a gold, red and green theme for a more Christmas style theme

So there you have it, a great venue, good food and decorations. All you need now is for Christmas to come along!


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