10 Things I Love About Christmas!

10 best things about Christmas

I love Christmas and here are my top 10 reasons why!

Everyone’s Happy!

Well, mostly, there’s always one or two scrooges, but I’m so happy that it’s nearly Christmas that guess what? Your miserable face is not going to get me down! (skips away singing Christmas carols)

Look, look! It’s snowing!

There is nothing I love more than seeing the swirling snow falling from the sky. It’s so mesmerising and the excitement you feel when it starts to settle on the ground – magic!

Talking of snow, SNOWMEN!

Need I say anymore? Cold hands due to the snow making your gloves all wet, the joy of seeing your snowman last longer than any other patch of snow in your garden, the inevitable snowball fight that ensues, snow angels…


Twinkly, sparkly lights everywhere. They make everything so cozy and warm. Plus, Christmas shopping is so much more exciting and really gets you in the spirit when you are surrounded by lights in these dark days

Christmas Parties

From a previous post you might know that I have never been to one of these bad boys, but if it gives me an excuse to dress up and eat delicious food and dance the night away – I am there! Throw in a glass of mulled wine and the excitement might explode right out of me


I know that Christmas is not all about the presents, but who wouldn’t get excited about having a pile of gifts to open?! Anyway, giving is just as exciting – choosing a gift that you hope the loved one will adore, wrapping it using big shiny ribbon and topping it off with a bow and even writing little notes on the tags.


Chocolates, hot chocolate, mulled wine, mince pies… the list goes on. Delicious. Not good on the waste line, but it’s Christmas! Go on, treat yourself!


I guess that I should mention this. We all have time off at Christmas and this doesn’t give us the greatest excuse to go and see friends and family I don’t know what is! Yes, you might have a few arguments over monopoly, but family’s family and it might not be perfect, but it’s yours.

Christmas Jumpers

Ugly, kitsch, baggy, funny, sweet – there are so many types and styles about at this time of year. Whether you grab a new one or go back to the old faithful number it’s a must

And finally Christmas Sales

Who doesn’t like a bargain eh?!

So there you have it, my top 10 things that I love about Christmas – What about you? Do you agree, or think I’ve got it all wrong – let me know! 🙂


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