Gifts For Foodies

Gifts for foodies

Who doesn’t like food right? I know I do and I certainly love receiving food gifts too. I mean good quality, delicious food that someone who loves you has either made or gone out and bought thinking of you… guys c’mon, you know the key to my heart! Here are a few of my favourite foodie gifts (some home-made), which I have personally chosen. They jumped straight out and me and I certainly wouldn’t mind them under my tree!

Homemade Marshmallows


Delicious, fluffy marshmallows that you can make at home! Plus there are so many alternatives including mint and cinnamon to try – put your creations in cellophane bags, tie with some ribbon and these make great gifts that everyone will love

Via The Cake Blog

DIY Hot Chocolate Truffles


A really nice take on the hot chocolate spoons that are everywhere at the minute, these truffles can be eaten by themselves, but are extra good popped into some hot milk for some amazing hot chocolate!

Via Your Cup of Cake

Coffee Stencils


Let’s face it, we all want that barista style coffee at home and now, by adding a little chocolate on top of your drink, you can!  These stencils ate really cute and would make a great gift for the coffee lover in your life

Via Modcloth

Perfect Layer Cocktail Maker


A great gift for lovers of cocktails (and show-offs!) this tool allows you to create perfectly layered cocktails every time.

Via Handpicked Collection

Molecule-r Cookbook


Great for the wannabe Heston in your life. This book is a great introduction to molecular gastronomy with 40 recipes providing an accessible entry to the world of food science

Via Handpicked Collection

I hope that you like these five gifts for foodies. There are of course loads more places to look for foodie gifts and kitchenware and if you have any more ideas that I NEED on this list, don’t hesitate to leave a comment 🙂


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