Easy Christmas DIY Gifts

Easy DIY christmas gift ideas

I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas, but hate buying gifts just because you have to. Don’t get me wrong, gifts are lovely and I like giving them, but not just for the sake of Christmas. Sometimes it’s nice to have a go at getting creative, save a bit of money and make a gift that you know the receiver will love. Because of this, I will be showing you my favourite Christmas DIY projects that I have found and will be giving as gifts… as long as they turn out alright!

Hair Comb

This hair comb is so sweet and really easy to do! Look for yourself here 🙂 I personally love these combs for getting my fringe out of the way and they can really help bumpfh up your ‘do… is bumpfh a word? You know what I mean right? Anyway, just think of making these in an ombre style or just going crazy and adding all the colours to it – ooh monochrome! These will make a gorgeous addition to a gift say with some shampoo or goodies from Lush! – Everyone loves that store right?! And I can’t wait to give these a go

DIY Haircomb tutorial


Lemon Jitters 

Leaf Imprinted Clay Necklace

I have so much polymer clay in my crafting box and have been forever searching for an easy project to use with it. I’m sure there are loads out there, but I came across this one and I think it looks really effective and more sophisticated than other ideas that I have seen. Also, check out this blog!! It’s full of lovely crafty projects that take under an hour… what’s not to love about that?!

leaf clay pendant


Happy Hour Projects

Bird Nest Necklace

I’m sure that you have seen these before, and if not… you are spending your time better and not wasting it on Pinterest…well done. Anyway, I love these and they look so easy to do… However, if they don’t quite turn out how you would like, you can buy them via her etsy store!

DIY birdnest necklace


Sarah Ortega

Owl Coin Purse

Look how cute these are! Perfect for little (and big) kids alike and so easy to do. The tutorial comes with a free template print out and if you’ve got some felt hanging around, well what are you waiting for? Get sewing!

easy diy felt owl coin purse


Lil’ Luna

Colour Me In Trainers

If you have some cheap plain trainers this is a really easy way to jazz them up and add a little interest to your outfit. Probably a bit better for summer, but if you painted them in snowmen, stars and little snowflakes, these could be a great addition to your Christmas wardrobe
DIY Sharpie trainers Via

The Thrifty Ginger


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